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Hands-Free Cleaning® Solutions For Your Facility 

TASKI Intellibot offers a Hands-Free floor care solution for every type of business environment. We offer a high quality, more consistent clean than any other product on the market



  • Proven cost savings and consistent cleaning that meet the demands of cleaning in schools and universities.
  • The machines' long-range sensors with sonar and 2d lidar offer a perfect solution for cleaning gymnasiums and cafeterias.
  • Reporting and accountability allow school districts and educational facilities to maintain the highest sanitation standards.
  • Hands-Free Cleaning® takes care of your floor-cleaning needs every night, freeing up your labor staff to concentrate on high-maintenance zones, such as restrooms and cafeterias.



  • Our consistent reporting and accountability helps you maintain the highest cleaning standards.
  • The machines ensure that cleaning happens consistently every night so your staff can focus on other tasks.
  • Hands-Free Cleaning® machines detect motion and immediately stop to let people pass at a safe distance before resuming operation.
  • The machines' long-range sensors with sonar and 2d lidar, making it perfect for cleaning wide open areas like airport concourses



  • With highly intelligent software algorithms in operating software, the TASKI Intellibot swingobot  machine navigates the aisles and corridors of grocery stores, malls and big box retailers.
  • TASKI Intellibot Hands-Free machines navigate the varied displays of retail environments.
  • For stores with a wide range of inventory and display types, TASKI Intellibot Hands-Free Cleaning® is a perfect cleaning solution.



  • Based on the best in class robotic technology and a high cleaning standard even in harsh environment as warehouses the TASKI swingobot is the best fit when it comes to cleaning automatization.
  • The built-in collision avoidance system allows the machines to navigate safely around irregular equipment and varied inventory to continue cleaning.


TASKI Intellibot machines clean every surface, every night - automatically.