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Sustaining Strong Governance 

It’s not just what we do that matters, but how we do it. Good governance is the foundation of Diversey’s business and critical to our growth and success. Our corporate governance structure, risk management and compliance practices and security protocols reflect our ongoing commitment to responsible conduct and transparency.


We work tirelessly to sustain the highest standards in responsible business practices and transparency, which is reflected in our corporate governance structure, risk management and compliance practices, and security protocols.



Sustainability Governance

Sustainability Governance

Transparency, engagement, and collaboration define how we approach sustainability at Diversey. Sustainability is not one person’s job or a standalone activity; it is integrated into our business model and the performance of every team member and business unit across our global operations.



Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

To achieve our mission to develop leading hygiene, infection prevention and cleaning solutions that protect and care for people and the planet, we must always operate with integrity and responsibility.




Responsible Chemistry

Governance in R&D

Goal: Achieving 100% compliance with our Responsible Chemistry Policy

Part of our commitment to sustain effective governance is to focus on key R&D activities to ensure we continue to innovate with sustainability in mind. Diversey manages materials of concern, using our Responsible Chemistry Policy to ensure our products remain safe for people and the environment.

Goal: 100% of our innovations utilize our sustainability scorecard

Diversey uses a sustainability scorecard for 100% of innovation projects. As part of the Protect. Care. Sustain. strategy, we have also committed to finding ways for 100% of innovation projects to improve sustainability attributes compared to the product or technology being replaced.
The Sustainability Scorecard includes criteria for the full product life cycle, compelling our development teams to consider upstream and downstream opportunities. In 2021, we were able to improve the sustainability attributes of 89.5% of the projects in our innovation funnel. Scorecard improvements ranged from 2 to 39% compared to the baseline, signaling a bright future for new solutions that will continue to deliver value to our customers.




Privacy and Cybersecurity

Diversey is committed to adhering to best practices in privacy and cybersecurity in our operations. We support continual learning of privacy and cybersecurity protocols for our employees, which include annual privacy training, cybersecurity tips, phishing simulation exercises and training, and monthly cybersecurity newsletters to help employees protect themselves at work and at home. We also continue to mature our cybersecurity program based on the ISO 27001 framework. All new Diversey vendors are evaluated through a privacy impact assessment, which helps us identify and manage the privacy risks of any new partner.