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Your Guide To Powerful Cleaning

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A perfectly clean environment is the basis for the best and long lasting customer experience. That’s where Pro Formula comes in.


Unilever and Diversey have come together to deliver Pro Formula, a complete range of professionally formulated cleaning products, paired with trusted Unilever brands, such as Omo, Cif and Sun. The range is developed specifically for HORECA business needs, and comes with FREE online cleaning guides and HACCP support. This gives you peace of mind and excellent results the first time, getting you ready for business.

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Our Pro Formula products currently serve the European market only. Check out for more inspiration.


Diversey Brands are trusted by the cleaning industry as reliable and powerful professional-grade products.


Diversey Brands meet the needs of business owners who want to find quality solutions for facility cleanliness, employee hygiene and customer comfort all in one place. Diversey Brands are provided by the makers of industry-leading cleaning products for over 90 years. The broad line of versatile products offer the benefits of commercial quality for Prosumers – professional consumers – who are looking for proven products to make cleaning easier and achieve better results.

Prosumer Products

Our Prosumer solutions currently serve the North American market only and can be found on our website.