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Identify Site-Specific Food Safety and Contamination Risks 


Food safety is critical to food manufacturers. The smallest error can have disastrous consequences - impacting brand reputation and ultimately your profitability. Food safety is too important to leave to chance. You need to know exactly where problems may occur before they actually do. When a food safety issue is identified it may already be too late.


With 40% of product recalls attributed to microbiological contamination in 2015*, it is clear that a focus on hygiene is critical to protecting your product from sources of cross-contamination.


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What is DiverseySecureCheck?


SecureCheck® simplifies the management of food safety and hygiene throughout your production process. It is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge-Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help food and beverage processors address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation.


  • Identify the areas within your process that have the potential to harbour and promote the spread of microorganisms and reduce the risk of contamination by implementing the recommendations made
  • Simplify the management of food safety and hygiene throughout your site by following a tailor-made plan created during the SecureCheck process
  • Drive efficiencies in utility, chemical and labour utilisation when SecureCheck recommendations are implemented
  • Prioritize areas of improvement and take action
  • Ultimately reduce the microbiological burden on your final product, resulting in a higher quality product prior to packaging


Improve your cleaning results, maintain microbiological standards, and safeguard your food safety with DiverseySecureCheck.


  • Risks to product safety are classified as standard or critical, allowing the results to be evaluated and implemented in priority order tailored to process and production.
  • Keep track of standards and trends in the processed food industry that impact your sector.
  • Simplify the management of food safety and hygiene at your site, helping you achieve and maintain excellent food safety standards across all areas of your production process.


On completion, you’ll receive an analysis benchmarking your performance against industry standards and a detailed report identifying areas of improvement.


SecureCheck Modules available now: