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Optimizing Wet, Dry and Semi-dry Track Treatment to Production Line Demands


Conveyors play a critical role in running an efficient food and beverage packaging operation. If they aren’t well managed and maintained they also have the potential to impact your operational efficiency and decrease the overall productivity of your plant.


Conveyor lubrication is essential to encourage throughput and reduce wear and tear of the conveyor belts. Depending on the type of system in use, it can impact health and safety, water and energy consumption and effluent quality. Increasing production demands put additional pressure on your conveyor system, often resulting in higher running costs and increased downtime for older systems. With the average cost of downtime reported at up to $200 per minute*, the efficient running of your conveyors is ever more critical. In our experience, efficient lubrication of the conveyor system has been shown to reduce the volume of fallen and damaged packs significantly - by 30% in recent examples, equating to a $70k saving for one brewery canning line†.


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What is Diversey LubeCheck?


LubeCheck is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge-Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help you address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation. Achieve the best lubrication cost possible while minimising production interruptions and reduce the need for header, nozzle and distribution system cleaning with Diversey LubeCheck.


  • Optimize line efficiency, reduce line stoppages, extend the life of conveyor mechanical components, and increase the safety of the bottling hall.
  • Identify areas of inefficiency and prioritise areas of improvement and the actions to be taken.
  • Determine which incremental improvements, such as the selection of a high-performance lubricant, will benefit your process, improve efficiency and reduce wear on bearings and pins.


With Diversey LubeCheck’s systematic approach, robust management systems, training and optimization plans:


  • We will help you discover if your conveyor system is under-performing and determine actions which will result in meaningful improvement.
  • Our service team will conduct a detailed probe into your conveyor system to assess system design, chemical consumption, coefficient of friction, lubrication efficiency, conveyor hygiene, environmental impact and safety considerations.


On completion, you’ll receive an analysis benchmarking your performance against industry standards and a detailed report identifying areas of improvement.


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