New Angle In Hard Surface Disinfection

Oct 27, 2020

Our experts have written an article about UVC disinfection technology and how this reduces the risk of contamination on top of existing cleaning and disinfection practices.

Evidence indicates many frequently touched surfaces are not cleaned consistently in healthcare environments. Unfortunately, data has also shown that cleaning and disinfection of patient rooms, operating rooms and shared patient equipment in hospitals is suboptimal. Previous studies have demonstrated that less than 50% of patient room surfaces (Carling, 2008), and less than 25% of operating room surfaces (Jefferson, 2011) are properly cleaned and disinfected during terminal cleaning. 

Why it matters
Studies have shown that the environment can act as a reservoir in healthcare settings: pathogens can live on surfaces for days, weeks and even months. Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a significant source of morbidity and mortality in Europe and around the world each year. Environmental contamination of pathogenic microorganisms in healthcare facilities has been found to be widespread; and has been shown to substantially impact patients’ risk of contracting HAIs (Cohen, 2018; Otter, 2013). 

How can we solve it?
Diversey offers a comprehensive framework of cleaning and disinfecting solutions for healthcare facilities to help reduce HAIs, including a unique short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection device. This portable UV-C device can be used to disinfect rooms, hard surfaces and shared equipment in clinical settings.

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About the authors

Peter Teska
Peter Teska, BS, MBA currently works for Diversey Inc. as the Global Infection Prevention Application Expert. In his role he leads Diversey’s external research, provides customer support on Infection Prevention issues related to environmental hygiene, writes technical literature and documents, presents at Infection Prevention events, monitors the scientific literature related to environmental hygiene, provides technical support to the portfolio teams in development of innovations, and provides training to Diversey’s employees and customers. He has worked as a supplier to the Healthcare industry for 24+ years, having worked in a range of technical and product marketing roles in his career. Teska has co-authored studies, posters and materials in a number of infection prevention events and publications globally. He has many peer reviewed publications that have appeared in the American Journal of Infection Control, Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, and NanoLife.

Arnaud Hantisse and Margarita Llorente
Margarita Llorente and Arnaud Hantisse serve as a business development in healthcare and infection prevention at Diversey. In this role, Margarita Llorente and Arnaud Hantisse are an infection prevention and control resource and industry liaison to support the improvement of environmental hygiene solutions and the adoption of compatible and evidence –based practices. The efforts of both support the Diversey teams in best practice execution for creating safer and more satisfying environments of care.

Claire Khosravi
Claire Khosravi, PhD, currently works for Diversey Europe Operations as the European Infection Prevention Application and Technical Team Lead. She provides expert Microbiology consultation and application of EN testing standards across portfolios and external customers. She presents at Infection Prevention events and monitors the scientific literature related to environmental hygiene. She delivers training programs for technical managers and application specialists at a Global level. The training covered general microbiology, hygiene, infection control, and disinfectants and their mode of action.

Victor Cegarra
Global Marketing Director – Personal Care, Infection Prevention & Healthcare Centre of Excellence. He brings 15 years of Marketing experience and expertise across product ranges and verticals. For the last 6 years, his focus has been in the Personal Care category, and most lately widen its scope of responsibilities to Infection Prevention and Healthcare. Having spent most of his career in Diversey, Victor holds a good understanding of the cleaning & hygiene industry, its competitive landscape, regulations and trends. Prior to joining Diversey, Victor had worked in Henkel and Olympus.


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