Protect. Care. Sustain.

Sustainability ESG Strategy Sustainability ESG Strategy

Sustainability Report


Our Strategy

With the release of this report, we are launching our new sustainability strategy, Protect. Care. Sustain., to guide our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities and actions. The strategy is supported by both 2030 goals and near-term targets which will further reduce our environmental footprint, address social inequality and deliver solutions to help our customers reach their own sustainability goals.


Protect. Care. Sustain.

ESG is core to how we create value and drive growth.

Protect. Care. Sustain.

Our new strategy builds upon Diversey’s long standing sustainability mission:

We protect our planet and conserve natural resources. We care about our people, our partnerships, our customers and are committed to address critical social challenges and reduce risk in our operations. We work tirelessly to sustain the highest standards in responsible business practices and transparency.